CBSE Class 10th History Quiz Test

Dear students, History is one of the best Scoring subjects in exams. On this page, we are shearing a History quiz test for Class 10 students. these questions are multiple-choice you have to select the right answer from the 4 options. After select all the answers you can click on submit button to see your score…

CBSE Class 10th History Quiz Test

1. Which of the given aspects signifies the image of ‘Germania’.


2. When the Greek struggle for Independence begins?


3. What the crown of oak leaves symbolise?


4. Which of the following treaty gave Greece a recognition of an independent nation?



5. Before the Revolution in France in 1789, which of the following types of government were functioning there.


6. Italian Princely house ruled which of the following states before the Unification of Italy.


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History Quiz Test FOR CBSE Class 10th
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