Phrase Replacement Questions For IBPS Clerk Exam

Phrase Replacement Questions

Directions for Questions 1 to 10:

Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3), and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is already correct, mark (5), i.e. ‘No correction required’, as the answer.

Phrase Replacement Mcq Questions

Q. His behavior with all his employees is so pleasing that everyone come forward for helping him.

(1) came towards him for help

(2) comes towards him for help

(3) comes forward to help him

(4) comes forward for help him

(5) No correction required

Ans: 3

Q. The police commissioner burst into rage and ordered immediately suspension of the inspector.

(1) order immediately

(2) order immediate

(3) ordered immediate

(4) ordering immediate

(5) No correction required

Ans: 3

Q. She will not attend the meeting until she is asked to.

(1) except

(2) even with

(3) even except

(4) unless

(5) No correction required

Ans: 4

Q. He would be like to have some ice-cream.

(1) would like to

(2) would be liked to

(3) was to be liking to

(4) would being liked to

(5) No correction required

Ans: 1

Q. A master should never impose his servants to much work.

(1) his servants with too much work

(2) to much work with his servants

(3) too much work on his servants

(4) to much work for his servants

(5) No correction required

Ans: 3

Q. Good life, according to many people, is to making more and more money.

(1) is making

(2) is made

(3) are made

(4) are making

(5) No correction required

Ans: 1

Q Lift the handset only after paid a one rupee coin.

(1) paying a one-rupee coin

(2) you pay one-rupee coin

(3) pay one-rupee coin

(4) you paid one-rupee coin

(5) No correction required

Ans: 1

Q. What matter does most is the quality and not the quantity.

(1) What does matter

(2) What does it matter

(3) That matters

(4) What matters

(5) No correction required

Ans: 4

Q. Not knowing the language and had no friends in the country, he found it impossible to get a job.

(1) has no

(2) with having

(3) with having not

(4) having no

(5) No correction required

Ans: 4 

Q. With the introduction of the new system, the number of candidates who resort to unfair means is decreasing year after year.

(1) resorting to

(2) to resort to

(3) resorted to

(4) to resorting

(5) No correction required

Ans: 5 


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